A Community of Christian Business Owners, Ministry Leaders and Individuals who SPEAK bringing GOD to more stages

Hi, I’m Arvee Robinson,

Are you fearful you might be rejected if you talk about your faith on stage? Are you cautious when it comes to integrating God into your business? You are not alone! When I started my speaking business sixteen years ago, I felt exactly the same way.

When I talk with my fellow speakers of faith, I discovered that many Christian speakers share this same dilemma. And sadly, they had no place to go to get help, get coached, or get connected. Today, I am free to speak and share my God-given gifts with any audience. I’m free to be real. No secrets. No hiding my faith. As a result, I’m attracting more of the people I want to work with, men and women of faith.

God prompted me to create a community
of professional speakers who are Christian

The Christian Speakers Movement gives other Christians who felt this way, a place they could support, and inspire each other to do their best, and a place where they would no longer feel alone in their journey. Together we claim our rightful identity as Christian speakers who integrate God and business into our message.

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Community of Christian Speakers

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From Our Members

“The fact that you can go out, speak, do your passion, and share your information with others is just wonderful.”

Bethany Sunny

“You’ve got the training and then Arvee encourages you, ‘You can do this.’”

Deb Ringler