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CONNIE JOHNSON             

Apriori Beauty
Connie Johnson is the founder, executive director and an independent consultant for Apriori Beauty.  Connie provides expertise in Skin Care, Health, and Cosmetics.  Her motto is: “To help every person I know be fabulous at any age!” 
Phone: (909) 553-7513

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Specialities:   Skin Care, Cosmetics, Fashion and Image Consultant

About Connie 

Connie Johnson is a Personal Fashion & Image Consultant providing a unique personal experience in the privacy of your home, her home, or through an Internet Connection. Apriori Beauty has incredible anti-aging products that produce the results we all want and need. Products created with all things good — innovation and botanicals, and nothing bad — no toxic, controversial or unnecessary ingredients. Products that are so amazing that anyone who Used Loved and Shared them could also achieve personal success while building relationships and a business with like-minded people. A vision that Connie is proud to say today is Apriori Beauty!