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Jackie is an optimal health consultant for Sports & Nutrition Weight Management.

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Speaker Topics: Aging Gracefully, Step by Step, 10 Steps to enhance the Winner in You
Specialties: Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Weight Management

About Jackie 

Jackie Phillips is an accomplished author, speaker, teacher, athlete and coach with tremendous success as an entrepreneur. she is the founder of Phillips Wellness Enterprises, a health and nutrition company that provides busy professionals and entrepreneurs with a way to fill in their nutritional gaps so they can enjoy better health, maintain a healthy weight, and have more energy for the important things in life.

Jackie is well known for her positive and upbeat attitude. In 2015, she was awarded the Upside thinker Award from Leadership Success Summit. With many years in the health, wellness, and sports field, she is a dynamic speaker in the areas of wellness and self esteem and has just released her book, Step by Step, 21 Ways to Enhance the Winner in You.