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About Rich

Rich Kozak is the founder of Rich Brands, a leader and an expert in helping businesses and professionals strategically maximize the impact of the branding process. Rich Kozak’s background in marketing and international business led him through an exciting career as a global branding executive with partners in 21 countries guiding companies to evolve and re-shape their brands, over almost two decades. He shaped the language and passion of branding plans for hundreds of companies, and also served the marketing industry as an award winning President of the American Marketing Association in Southern California and VP Business Marketing on the elected Board of the American Marketing Association International.

In addition to an experienced branding consultant and marketer, Rich is a Master Trainer who teaches entrepreneurs business skills and teaches teenagers life skills, is a violinist who sings in his church choir, an organic gardener and chef, a devoted husband of 40 years and 44 Valentines days, and father of two Eagle Scout sons.